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Heir Audio IEM8: the warm and musical IEM – English review

I’m a big fan of IEM because they are excellent traveling companions, small and well-sounding can be used anywhere, placing it inside a pocket and offer excellent performance in high-quality models. My passion was born when The Heir Audio 4.Ai was my first high quality pair of IEM but unfortunately they have been destroyed for my fault, so I could only be happy when Heir Audio asked me to try their top universal model, the IEM8.

For those not familiar Heir Audio is a company in China specialized in universal and custom high quality IEM based on multiple balanced armature.

In particular, the IEM 8 are equipped with eight balanced armature dedicated in pairs to the following frequency ranges:

-2 For the low

-2 For the mid

-2 For the high

-2 for th ultra high



Below the test setup

Source: Xiaomi Mi3 , Questyle CMA800iExasound E20, Aurender Flow, Hidizs Ap100

Amp: Apollo Audio Lab Plasma Energy, Firestone Fireya HD, , Questyle CMA800R., Schiit Asgard

The Heir Audio products are sold directly from their website where you can purchase the IEM8 to $ 999.

Construction and ergonomics

The build quality of the IEM 8, as of the rest of the Heir Audio headphones, is really good.

The shell that encloses the driver 8 is a balancing armed monobloc seamless and made entirely of acrylic.



The outer and visible when worn briar is colored with the typical streaks of wood reproduced that gives a touch of class to small IEM, while the inside is shiny black with the logo Heir Audio engraved in gold.

The only holes present on the shell are the two present on the spout where they fit the silicone inserts and the connector for the detachable cable (classical two-pin) placed in the upper part.

Despite having so many drivers the shell is quite compact and easily fits in the ear not giving any trouble and remaining perfectly balance using the inserts right.


The cable supplied with the headset is of excellent quality and 1.2 m long. The cable has four connectors twisted beams and is terminated with a 3.5 mm at 90 ° and you can also have it with the microphone in case you want to use with a smartphone.

The IEM8 arrive directly in a case anti shock for them to safely carry that also contains nine pairs of inserts of various types and sizes including three double flange and a brush for the care and cleaning of the headphones. You can check here if you are wondering how to remove hard water stains and get the most satisfactory cleaning services.

How they sound

Although the many drivers the IEM8 offer a thrilling sound also connected to devices such as smartphones thanks to their timbre, although obviously the best performance is obtained when they are connected to DAP or portable dac/amp.

Another remarkable feature of this IEM is the total absence of “frequency hole” which is often found in the multidriver IEM thanks to the perfect crossover tuning that gives a perfect linear performance across the entire frequency range .

With the IEM 8 Heir audio has not focused on the ultra detail unlike most competitors of similar price, as much on musicality and enjoyment of music listening wich results never tiring, very “alive” and exciting.

The IEM8 have the deepest bass I’ve ever heard through a pari of IEM and make literally vibrate the ears. The bass lacking slightly impact, but the detail and musicality are excellent.

The mid low is warm and snug and well connects with the excellent midrange that mainteins the sweet setting. The voices, both male and female, are very realistic and vivid with good detail. The midrange detail is good and it doesn’t fall in hyper detail.

The high range however is a bit ‘subdued compared to the excellent performance offered in the other frequency range because of the warm setting chosen by Heir Audio. Obviously the high aren’t bad, only it does not reach the quality of similarly priced competitors. The high range is extended and with good detail, but does not reach the brilliance and the ‘”airiness” reached by the competitors of equal price. This can also be an advantage for those who do not like headphones too bright and aggressive, but this depends on the tastes.

The scene is excellent despite the small size and is also precise.


The Heir Audio IEM8 sounds excellent with s sweet, warm and particularly godible sound.

Unlike competitors similarly priced Heir Audio has decided to focus on a musical sound rather than hyper detail which can make them preferable to the competitors.

The construction is fantastic like the build quality and very complete the endowment.

Also the comfort and weight are fantastic ande once you placed in your ear, you immediately forget to have.

Review in brief

Rating: 9 out of 10


– Excellent construction and materials

– Perfect fitting between the various frequency ranges despite the numerous drivers

– Low excellent, very extensive and precise

– Gamma media fantastic

– Excellent ergonomics


– High Range somewhat ‘softened

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